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Class B197

With the B197, you do most of the driving lessons with an automatic vehicle. During the training, you will also do at least 10 driving lessons on a gearshift truck with your driving instructor. Your driving instructor will then test your skills in a 15-minute test drive. So you can also drive a shift car with the B197

The requirement of class B197

At least ten driving lessons (45 minutes each) on a class B manual transmission as part of the practical driving license training
• At least 15-minute test drive on a switch truck in and outside of built-up areas with a driving instructor
• Submission of a certificate in accordance with Appendix 7 of the learner driver training regulations on the completion of the lessons and test drive

Is the driver's license also                    valid abroad

Yes. The national key number 197 only documents that the practical test was taken in an automatic vehicle. Class B197 holders may also drive manual transmissions abroad.

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