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Class BE and B96

In contrast to the B96, the BE driving license is a separate vehicle class. The prerequisite for this is a car driver's license, i.e. the B driver's license. As with the B96, it is theoretically possible to obtain a driving license from the BE with the BF17, i.e. under 18 years of age. The trailer driving license BE is, so to speak, the “big brother” of the B96.

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What is the driving license
Class BE and B96

The B96 driver's license is actually not a driver's license in its own right, but only a key number that is added to the driver's license. That's why you don't have to take an exam, you just have to successfully complete a course at a driving school. This makes the B96 trailer driving license a rather short affair. However, this is not offered by every driving school

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The prerequisite for the course is a category B driver's license, i.e. the authorization to drive a car. 

In addition, you have to plan the course time of at least seven hours. 

The trailer driving license B96 can also be filed with accompanying driving. So all in all it's pretty quick.

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